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  • Spiritual Prayer (Solo Alto voice)

    This demo piece I wrote for solo alto voice and orchestra.

    [url=]Spiritual Prayer[/url]

  • Beautiful sound and composition !  That haunting  "spiritual" quality comes through really effectively.

  • Always a great pleasure to hear your work.

  • Splendid arrangement ,and thanks for sharing with us an inspiring composition.

  • Thanks guys!

    William, yes, haunting is what I was aiming for. The genre that was called "negro spiritual", pre-gospel, 18th and 19th cent, has always sent chills down my spine, especially in parts. 

  • Wow! I love it! I am a big fan of spiritual/haunting type sounds.

  • I'm very confused about this demo (and the other demos on VSL solo voices page). To even begin to critizise Mr. Bacos seems like heresy, since he has done so many incredible demos for VSL instruments. His demos certainly convinced me to buy many (if not most) of the libraries. But am I the only one who thinks the note transitions are very poor, especially the solo voices library? The voices seems so fake when changing from one note to the next, with audible glitches and weird jumps in volume. In short, unnatural to a degree I regard them as unusable. I find all the solo voices demos on the Solo Voices page suffering from the same shortcomings. I think I would get better result using other developers solo voices. So why don't I? I do... But over 32 GB solo voices for €490 can't give a better result than this? Ok, go ahead and shoot me...

  • ;)


    That's fine, critisizing is all part of making improvments. 

  • What you get for the Price it good (7 !!! Voices), but the articulations and possibilities are limited. Most important: Who ever claims, that other Libraries are better has to prove it. Use/play the same piece of course ;) Then we will decide ...

  • Thanks for the replies, I really appreciate it. I see Mr Bacos is an understanding gentleman. I'd love to hear some other demos, so I can get an idea if it's possible to get closer to a real vocal performance. So far I haven't heard anything convincing. I have an enormous respect for VSL expertize and knowledge, and I love the libraries I have. I have many other libraries that soundwise are leaning toward classical orchestras and choirs, but keep coming back to VSL since the sound and precision is excellent. So, I thought all my vocal wishes would be fullfilled (well almost...) by VSL. Could somebody at VSL just present a simple solo vocal line where you can hear the note transitions and some articulations clearly? I seem to remember Mr Beat Kaufman writing a melody line that was played by all the members of the saxophone family, which made for a splendid comparison of the different saxophones. Sorry to be long winded, but I have a hard time believing I'm not liking VSL Solo Voices.

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    You may find some demos more to your taste in the solo voices demo list:

    solo voices

  • Yes indeed, I revisited the demos and somehow missed Venire a Vita, which contains what I expected to hear with very few "glitches". Thanks for that. I think I have a problem with the sopranos tone color per se when too exposed (too close). I think I'll buy Solo Voices Standard and see where it takes me.

    And whooa, I see Mr Herbie Hancock got the Symphonic Cube. That's one thing Mr. Hancock and I have in common. Now the only thing I'm missing is his talent. When you release VSL Herbie Hancock Talent Library, I will buy both the Standard and the Extended Library immediately.