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  • Single or Dual SSD for Mac Mini slave

    Hi. I just bought a 2.3ghz i7 with 16gb to use as a slave and am about to upgrade the hard to a Samsung 840 Evo 1tb. While I'm at it I am considering adding a second drive (all Minis are compabale of this). Does anyone know if there will be any / much performance improvement having dual SSDs as opposed to one, or will it just give me more disk space? Has anyone else gone down this route and if so, should I go for a RAID 0 configuration or JBOD? Thanks

  • Hi, you should be aware that, begining  with Yosemite, Apple has excluded all third party TRIM enablers. Angelbird, an Austrian company, claims that its wrk drives for the Mac enable TRIM using the TRIM enabler that is native to OS 10.10.  Other World Computing states that their drives don't need TRIM. Samsung drives are thereby excluded from full functionality by Yosemite. Please check out the following links:

    These will tell you what TRIM is and why this is an important issue.

    By refusing to approve third party TRIM enablers and by making its own TRIM enabler work only with  Apple's own drives, Apple appears to be engaged in a classic and illegal restraint of trade action. You should complain to Apple and notify the anti-trust division of the US DOJ.

     Good luck.