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  • Portamento in Se1 and Se2 strings

    Hi guys I was at a friends who had the old opus 1 lib and it has a nice porta strings patch. As this is all I am really interested in right now Can anyone please tell me if the se1 and se2 strings have the same portamento. Also if I buy the pro player can I control the speed of the portamento using the se1/+ or se2/+ with solo and ensemble strings ? Cheers Matt

  • [img=][/img]

  • I can't answer your question about Special Edition, 'cos I don't have it, but the Pro player will allow you to use the stretch feature to vary the speed of Portamento.


  • Thanks, just need a reply on SE now :-)

  • Does the pro player have midi out ? ie can you trigger other plugins with the seq/arp

  • Topaz

    You have all details here :!Instrument_List

    I'm SE + user...

  • Thanks but doesn't actually compare to the opus porta strings.

  • Using Dp8 and VI Pro...

  • Thank you, that sounds great :-)