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  • [SOLVED] Problem with Vienna Whistler


    after installing the Vienna Whistler it doesn't appear in my instruments-list in Vienna Pro 2. I really have no idea whats going wrong. It's registered, installed and i even tried to add the folder manually in the directory-manager. I also tried to reinstall the whistler. Nothing happened. It should appear in the voice-folder, am I right? Well, even in the other folders theres no whistler...

    Happy x-mas and thanks in advance for any advice,


  • Did you update your eLicenser softwear as well?



  • Mine appears, but all my softwares are up to date, have a look in your "MYVSL" you'll find all the new versions ready to download and update them...

    Merry Christmas

  • My Vienna Whislter didn't work first of all, although it showed everywhere,  this was because my VI Pro 2 was one version out of date,

    so update VI Pro to the latest version,  that should be your solution.

  • It was the eLicenser-update. Solved. Thank you!