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  • What happens with the sale support at VSL ?


    I have a problem with an order I made last Friday(a wrong mail address, ok, my fault), I've sent many mails to the sale support and nothing, nothing, nothing... We are Tuesday and still no news,  Toc toc toc is there anybody in the "sale support" ? THANKS for a very FAST answer now.

    A customer not very happy(to say the least)...

  • Hi fiestared, 

    Our new website caused quite some attention and also orders, luckily. We are working in shifts and of course we are doing our best to answer all requests and questions.

    Sorry to see you so upset, so I have sent you a 48 hours demo license to bridge the time until the problem is solved.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi,

    Thanks Paul and Stefan...  We're very close to solve the case, so : all's well that ends well.

    A customer who is happy to be heard and helped.