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  • MIRx 2nd Violins Preset

    Hi, i'm building my new orchestral template which includes Dimension Strings (as well as some download instruments and SE Percussion) and MIRx (Teldex) and i'd love to have a Preset for 2nd Violins, are there any plans to create one? it would be super useful to have. If not, any tips on how to position my 2nd violins? 


  • There already is one, although the position is opposite the first violins on the stage, so it might not suit everyone.

  • The screenshots on p. 15, 19 an 23 of the MIRx-manual show exactly how the strings were set up in the different Venues. Second Violins are labeled as VI-2.


    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks!!