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  • Vienna Suite Analyzer display - solved


    Apologies for my lack of detailed investigation notes on this but I've not used the Vienna Suite Analyzer for a while. I'm now on Pro Tools 11 and tried to add it to a master track (and tried it on other tracks as well) and while it loaded fine and all the controls appear to work, there is no response to the audio data displaying. I tried a few of the presets, still nothing. I know it did work at one stage but haven't tried it since moving to PT11. I could of course be having a stupid mental blank, but is there anything else obvious I should try? BTW, I'm on the very latest version of everything including Vienna Suite (just updated a few days ago).

    Edit: next day. boot up, all fine. I have no idea what sequence of events led to the display disappearing but will try to identify a pattern if it happens again.


  • I've had the Analyzer and the Mastering EQ refuse to display during playback in Cubase 5 more than once. Right now I cannot reproduce it, however.

  • FYI: VSL's software engineers are working on this issue, and in fact I'm testing a new version of Vienna Suite already which will hopefully cure this rare and erratic behaviour.

    Thanks for your patience!

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library