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  • old DVD collection, new setup!

    I have many DVD (extended) collections which I purchased years ago for my PC set-up. I am going to change to Mac now and get the new iMac 5k and use with an external Lacie 1tb Thunderbolt 2 ssd drive.

    I remember updating many of my samples over the years and want to know if I load a dvd collection on my new Mac from the original dvd, will I have to go back in time and load all the sample updates or will the latest update cover them all?



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    Hi Leif,

    The old DVD´s are fine, simply apply the LIBRARY UPDATES from your User Area.

    Actually, if you have the sample content already on a harddrive, simply copy them over to your new drive and assign the Sample Content again in the Directory Manager.

    Our FAQ´s also cover the "new computer" topic (question 2).



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul - just checking to make sure, no reason to keep all the DVDs anymore, everything is downloadable, correct? I've got so many and they do take up a lot of space...thx.

  • Hi Gary, 

    That's correct! DVDs would only save you download time...



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL