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  • Mozartsaal too loud! It sounds as if the instruments are not in phase or as if certain frequenc...

    Compared to all other rooms mozartsaal is very loud. All other rooms sound nice. What is the problem? My setup is a blumlein

  • We try hard to make all halls compatible with each other (which is more involved than it might seem at the first glance ...). Mozartsaal was our very first MIR Venue back then, and we neither had the experience we have now nor the possibility of comparision with other Venues, that's why it's a bit louder than most other Venues. For backward compatibility we decided to stick with this little inconstancy, especially as a mix is usually built within a single hall. - Thanks for your understanding!

    If you hear phase-issues, I would try to switch to a Main Mic setup with less out-of-phase information, e.g. one ot the M/S-arrays. Also take care that no instrument is too far to the sides or behind the Main Mic.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
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    All that Dietz said + you can use the RoomEq to shape/tame the hall's frequency response (in my experience this works very well).

    Here is a case in point positioned in the MozartSaal venue (the Mozart Symphony in g-minor_Andante example).



  • ... MIRx-Mode offers about 30 examples of Room EQs for Mozartsaal, BTW. :-)

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library