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  • VEPRO 5 & Kontakt 4

    I'm trying to open some old projects that used Kontakt 5 inside VEPRO - but it seems v5 no longer support kontakt 4? It doesn't show up in the plugins list, although kontakt 4 does load in cubase and logic. Any ideas? Thanks!

  • Hello,

    I tested this for you:

    W7.1 64bits

     Cubase 7.5.3 32 bits  Vepro5 64 bit server and kontakt 4: ok here

     Cubase 7.5.3 64bits  Vepro5 64 bit server and kontakt 4: ok here

    best regards

  • Have you told VE to look in the right place for the VST?

  • Hello,

    Look where is the folder of your Kontakt'dll is and then verify if VEP scan this folder.

    Two solutions to verify that:

    -In VEP standalone Under "plugins" and then VST Settings Verifiy if the folder where the kontakt.dll is in the list


    -in the VEP server:  Options/Preferences/ click on "plugins" then click on "VST Settings"

    If you see the folder in the list so there is a problem.. you can try to create a folder and move the Kontakt's dll inside and then add this folder in VEP and rescan the plugin.

    Hope it helps

    best regards

  • What you can also double check is if the correct bit version has been installed. Your VEPro 64bit version will want a Kontakt 64bit version plugin and the same for 32bit.