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  • Do you need to be a master jedi to run VSL?

    ...because I'm ready to give up. 7 years into VSL libraries and I still can't make anything work. I spend 99% of my time trying to fix computers and 1% actually writing music. It's incredibly frustrating and I'm getting old.

    It's impossible for me to use my libraries because they all seem to interact with each other in ridiculous ways.C6 keyswitch to move a matrix down for solo bass ends up interacting with the piccolo? What?

  • I play my song and it sounds fine. Do this a few times. Then all of a sudden the violin or another instrument craps out, becomes inaudible.

    Or I do my programming. Say up to C#5 from C5, works great. Next time it doesn't and next time it seems to trigger something on a different instrument.

     And then I crash, and spend 40 minutes loading on restart. Which works for a few minutes.

    i7 960 slaves with 24gb ram and good video cards.

  • What software are you using?

    VI,  VI Pro,  VE,  VE Pro, and which DAW?

    If an instrument stops sounding, it is quite likely that channel has received a MIDI CC7 or CC11 message of zero,   or you may have some keyswitches set that are being played by the music (rather than control).

  • Off the top of my head, it sounds like you might have some program errors.  As has already been mentioned, having a keyswitch set in error can cause these kinds of problems, or inadvertently sending a wrong controller message (have done that from time to time-setting up a wrong controller that sends wrong messages for a given instrument).  For myself, I rely heavily on keyswitches, and have sometimes made mistakes when setting up a template.

    On another level how are your MIDI tracks set up?  Some of your comments might indicate that instrument tracks are not set up correctly, and/or that some are set up to receive messages from multiple tracks.  These sort of error setups can cause all kinds of unusual results (from personal experience).

    Overall, in terms of my own experience, when I am having VSL playback issues, or something has gone strange, I have accidently done something to create the error (one I've done more than once is to accidently set the metronome to sound on a certain instrument part).

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    @shawngibson said:

    I play my song and it sounds fine. Do this a few times. Then all of a sudden the violin or another instrument craps out, becomes inaudible.



     [The following points assumes that you are using a DAW]

    This could be just a MIDI routing issue.  Are all of your MIDI outputs set to "omni" or specific channels?

    Are you using the "learn" feature at all where you can purge unecessary samples from RAM?  BTW Does anybody use that anymore?

    As a temporary work around, until you can figure out what's going on with this, try recording your instruments one at a time and bounce them as soon as you record them.  This is time consuming but it's just temporary.  Record and mix with the recorded audio tracks as you go rather than mixing completely in the MIDI realm.  For me, this is how I prefer to work actually even though my system is powerful enough to handle more.

    One other thing about matrices.  Instead using the factory ones create your own making sure that they are not crossreferencing each other.  Again, this is time consuming but I think most users prefer using their own custom matrices.


  • Thanks everyone. I'm stalling right now because I'm in the midst of buying another computer to put Cubase on it and use this box as just a VSL slave.

    So far, though, after deleting the channels that are going wonky (and re-adding them), the volume drop had gone away, thankfully. I'm still having issues with VEP5 jumping around all over the place though as soon as I add keyswitches into the Cubase track.

    I have one VST3 instance of VEP5 in Cubase 6.5 on this computer. I also have 2 instances (EWSC and EW Stormdrum 2) from my slave, but that box isn't even turned on right now as I have to replace the OS drive, which is crashing (and causing the entire computer to crash when I hit play...again sporadically, but it also causes Cubase to crash on the master box...very I've removed it for now).

    All of my channels of VSL samples go through VEP5 and VIP2, each on its own discrete channel. I should definitely check to make sure I haven't put two tracks on one channel or done anything else like that, butI'm pretty sure I haven't.

    I think at the end of the day, other than the toasted hard drive on my EW slave, this is all going to turn out to be user error. It's all just too wonky to be something that's actually the software or hardware's fault lol.

  • Jasen - thanks. I route everything specifically (nothing on omni). I use a single instance of (Play or VIP2 depending) for each instrument. So all Solo Violins (incl. mute) go into a single instance of VIP2 in a single instance of VEP5. The master (via Cubase 6.5) has one VEP5 instance for VSL on a slave, and one VEP5 instance for the other slave running EW. I've dumped the huge load of VSL-prepared matrices, and now have a 8x8 grid that is empty, 1 matrix, and I'm loading patches as required). However, that box purrs like a kitten, it's the EW slave that is crashing:(

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    Cubase should not be crashing-hopefully your new system will have at least 12 gigabytes of memory and two hard drives. If possible get a third solid state hard drive to load all of your programs onto. Sometimes deleting a midi channel that has gotten messed up is the only way to go rather than attempting to figure out what went wrong. I try to take notes on changes I make to a basic setup but don't always do that. It would be helpful. [A]

    Also, I am on a kick right now about using All Of The Training Videos for the software VSL makes available.[Y] Can't say enough about how many headaches I could have avoided if I had but gone through those first. Those will also help in finding ways to make your midi transcriptions come alive in ways you never thought possible. There is a lot of homework to using those ideas found there but well worth it in the long run.

    Cubase's manual is only good if you have already a well framed question to answer-otherwise trying to use it as a tutorial-Will Not Work[:@]. However, on Youtube, Steinberg does make available about a hundred training/tutorial style videos which are very helpful. Search for Cubase and Videos on and they will come up.

    Have fun composing!

  • Thanks rverne. Right now, my system is:

    East West slave with 24Gb RAM (the one that has been crashing). I just upgraded it to a 120 EVO for OS/APPS and a 240GB EVO for EW samples and set all Play instances to "stream". As well, I added liquid cooling for the processor as diagnostics said it was overheating. I also added a second fan to the front. It hasn't crashed all day but I'm only running about 10 Stormdrum tracks.

    The other slave is also 24Gb RAM, running VSL; I will upgrade to EVOs when I can, hopefully mid-June. This box never gives me problems but I get the "busy" thing in VEP5 with it and Cubase crashes sometimes. If I restart everything, it goes away. 

    Master is an XPS 2720 with 16GB RAM, only running Cubase 6.5.5. 

    I keep getting messages that my network is unstable on my phone, and sometimes the master doesn't even see the VSL box. I have static IPs on everything. I tried using an old router with no internet and that worked after I upgraded the firmware...but only sporadically. I lost the internet since my providor gives you a cable modem that must be used. I tried hooking up to the internet via WiFi but using my own DLink to connect the network for VEP, but it has been very buggy.

    I never have connectivity issues between Cubase and the EW box, just the VSL box. Which is strange because all of this time it has been the EW box giving me problems.

    All of my issues seem now to be network related, as they have been since the beginning. The biggest problem is I had more than one issue, so fixing problems has been a challenge. However I think I only have the network issue left, as the only problem now seems to be connectivity issues, as nothing is crashing...knock on my wood head.