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  • [SOLVED] Anyone experiencing skipping/stuttering in VE Pro?

    A few of my samples (in Kontakt, within VE Pro) are now stuttering. Never had this problem before this most recent update (5.3.13151). And one of them is not CPU intensive in the slightest, and has never caused issues before now.

  • Hi, 

    I experienced this in VE Pro but also mainly in Logic recnetly - double check that you have your midi being processed via your hardware - MBox or MOTU or whatever, and not software - Pro Tools Aggregate. I had Pro Tools Aggregate selected for some reason in VE Pro and Logic, and it took me over three months to work out why I was having this problem. I mainly affected East West Samples. 

    Check that out - it might be the problem! Midi should be coming in via hardware not sofware. Hope that hepls.

  • I am having this with CPU-intensive libraries like Berlin Woodwinds on Mac now.... A serious lack + click before almost each note.

    I am trying to turn off the memory server/changing core settings etc to fix it but so far no luck. I had it working fine before in earlier versions so I will try to revert back and see if the new VEP5 is really the culprit.

  • Solved it. Kontakt 5.3.1 was the issue. Downgraded to 5.3.0, all is well!

  • Sam, that is great to know, because I have been pulling my hair and tried 5 different versions of VEP, but no help. I will try to downgrade to 5.3 as well!:)

  • Seems so - NI are not having much luck with their "updates" these days, are they...

  • You're quite welcome. Happy to pass along solutions to preventing frustration-related hair loss! ;) I'm gonna become one of those paranoid types who never upgrades their software now.. or maybe from now on I'll keep a journal of when I update things, so it'll help me target the culprit more easily going forward.