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  • Undo in VEP

    I'm having a new issue of VEP not undoing a placement change on the stage. MIRx mode is not enabled. Any Suggestions. Normally undo will move instrument back... Thanks!

  • I assume you're talking about MIR Pro within VE Pro. :-)  I can't reproduce that issue here, just tried it.

    Do you encounter the same problem when using the "Edit > Undo" command from the Main Menu?

    ... if the issue persists, please get in contact with  and incluse as many details as possible (hardware, OS, software versions, audio system etc.). Thanks!

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Seems to be working fine now. Happened after I had changed position of the low brass ensemble from right back to center back then bounced the track in sonar. I wanted to undo my newly bounced position back to the original. That's when undo didn't put them back. Working now though! :) Thanks Dietz!  Really Appreciate all of yalls hard work! MIR is a dream to work with!