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  • Can I slave my transport controls in Digital Performer from VE pro 5

    Hello, I can see a transport control (play) in VE pro 5, but will it allow me to start my host sequencer which is Digital Performer from VE pro 5 ? So far, when I hit the play button in VE Pro 5, it does not start my sequencer. Thanks Mos'art

  • If you have your start and stop set to Spacebar, it should work, AFAIK.


  • I do, but do I need some additional settings Thanks

  • Hi, 

    Which additional setting? 

    It would be great to know which OS, which version of VE PRO and which version of DP you are working on, so we can check here [:)]



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Yes! forgive me for the lack of info. I'm using: iMac (27 Inch Mid 2011) Intel Core I7 12 GB Ram OS 10.8.5 Vienna Ensemble Pro 5.3 .13045 Digital performer 7.24 When hitting the spacebar in VE Pro 5, I can see the play button receive the command, but DP still not syncing to VE Pro 5 Thanks!

  • Hello Paul, with my info on my setup, do you have any idea what the trouble is. Thanks Boris

  • Hi Mos'art,

    I´m afraid I have forgotten the fact that this shortcut doesn´t work with Digital Performer (just checked with my colleague Marnix)... Unfortunately there´s nothing we can do in this case. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Sorry to hear this!