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  • auto vocing riddle

    Hi! Is there possibility to apply this configuration in Vienna Instruments Pro 2 (I have just bought it ) for Vienna Dimension Strings: When I use Auto Vocing for fe. dimension violins, I would like to have all available violins (if there is fe. All Violins Matrix turned on there should be 8 violins) when I play mono, just one voice. Like it is when Auto Voicing is turned off. And I would like to have divided sections when I start to play poliphonic ( fe. two notes at the same time - in accordance with subordinated slots ) Right now as I see when Auto Voicing is turned on, and when I play one note - only instruments from Slot 1 appear. It is obvious. But, Can I set it up somehow, that when I play one note, all violins play, and when I play poliphonic, auto vocing is working? All the best, Sebastian

  • Hello Sebastian, 

    Auto-Voicing only works in one direction (adding voices). 

    You could always keep 1 matrix with all violins loaded, just as an example. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • That's how I do it. Matrix one for normal all players, matrix 2 for split to two notes, Matrix 3 for split to three notes. etc. I do wish we could Save our favorite auto-voice setups in the auoto voice menu where it says factory setups. ;) Love the auto voicing!! Makes the groups so flexible in their sound.