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  • Dimension Strings vs Berlin Strings?

    I have recently heared of Berlin Strings and checked it out. It features alot but does it really compare to VSL, especially with the future expansions? I am a owner of Solo Strings and I find that there is virtually no limit of the number of articulations you have or can create...and it is recorded dry with the option to add a room in mir pro.

  • While your question is perfectly reasonable, there are probably more appropriate "neutral" forums than this one to ask questions about competitor product comparisons. You are likely to get very biased opinions here [;)]

  • Please see:

    The VSL philosophy is to enable you to create the orchestral sound you want, including spatial placement.

    With Dimension Strings, you can do something no other library can do - you can literally recreate your string sections.There's a fellow named Saxer who's been doing that and his results are excellent.

    You can position them wherever you want and as a result do a kind of orchestral "sound design" just by stage placement.

    You can create nearly any sized string section you want. For example, for the Endeavour series (ITV), composer Barrington Pheloung uses a string section of 54332. You can recreate that ensemble and make violins 1 and 2 divisi!

    I've tested, and because of how they're recorded, you can have 16 Violins 1. And because you can pick and choose your own players, you can create Violin 2s without using the transposition trick. In a very good sense, it's overwhelming what you can do.

    I'll be doing a new Insights article on DS soon.  Good times ahead for Vienna with DS!

  • Dimension Strings is brilliant and has a strong tone. The main advantage of the Dimension Strings is that you can playing brutally forced fortissimo sound with short articulations that is key feature in fundamental principles of modern orchestration.

    Berlin Strings has legato patch that is one of the highlited key features in this library and has Slurred-, Agile-, and Fast-Legato (scripted!) that all of them was not truly implemented and i think vsl has better legato script than other vst manufacturers and also has a few more useful articulation. i think Dimension Strings is vst's most ambitious project to date.

  • In my opinion, the question might as well be "Dimension Strings + Berlin Strings?"

    Since the Berlin Strings were recorded in the Teldex Studio, which is also featured in MIR Room Pack 2, I think, the two libraries might combine fairly well. In addition, both libraries use quite small ensembles, so you could easily achieve a standard orchestral section size by combining them and therefore still have nice divisi possibilities.