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  • laptop, ssd and vsl libraries question

    Hello! I have questions regarding ssd disk. I have laptop (HP ENVY dv 6 i7-3630QM 16GB/1TB /GT635 2GB WIN8) with usb 3.0. I have also Dimension Strings, Appasionata Strings, Special Library 1Plus, Vienna Suite. I could not find any information that my laptop has Sata III unfornatelly.. So I am considering to use ssd disk with adapter usb3-sataIII. I know that I will lose 1Gbit compare to 6Gbit of sata III. Is it good choice? I am also wondering if this disk is a good choice for me - Crucial M500 240 GB. It is cheap and I don't have money now to buy bigger one. Is this 240 gb should be enought for my libraries (also with upcoming double basses of Dimension Strings? I thought to install all libraries on the external ssd disk, and other things, OS, software, keep on internal disk. Is it a good choice? Is there any possibility to use SATA III via laptop? Is this adapter is ok for usb3 -> sata III? ICY BOX IB-AC603A US SATA Thanks in advance!!

  • Could anyone help me? I read, that my internal disc in notebook has values: SATA (5400 rpm). How big difference it will be compare to mentioned Crucial M500 connected via usb 3.0? Please, I really don't get this, and I need help..

  • If you have an internal Laptop drive, that is run at 5400rpm, it will be slower than any SSD . But a good question is, if you are able to transfer the physical performance of the SSD over a USB port. USB 3.0 on the other hand seems to be pretty fast, so may be worth to try it.

    If a 240GB drive is large enough is depending on your libaries. In the long run, it will be too small, I´m almost sure. But of course you could source out your most used libaries to the SSD and put the not so important stuff on the slower drive.

    Have you thought about completely changing the internal drive towards an SSD ?

    Booting and working on partition C from an SSD is always fun. Then you wouldn´t have to worry about the USB port.

    The Crucial is a popular model. Of course there are more expensive models (Nand MLC vs more advanced types). Intel has good ones, but more expensive.

    I have a Corsair Force and a OCZ, both with 128GB and Sandforce driven -no problems.

    Samsung Evos are becoming popular as well now, but I have no experience with them.

    If you have weird effects on Windows 7 with the Crucial, search on the web for  LTM state - a feature to save power, which is usually activated in Laptop environments. It can be responsible for nasty effects - especially known with Crucial SSDs, but also other SSDS with that controller.

    It is not hard to deactivate it.

  • id like to add some considerations about your setup:

    the notebook appears to be fairly good but unfortunately is missing a PCIe slot to add an expansion card (eg. for eSATA).

    probably you are also using a USB audio device, so you should make sure this is not connected to the same USB controller (not port!) as any external storage (look into your device manager - select view devices by connection and open the respective branches).

    my (cheaper) HP ProBook has left and right side USB ports connected to different controllers, a third controller is servicing the webcam.


    this may be no longer an issue with USB 3, but it definitely was with USB 2.


    have you considered to add a 128 GB or 256 GB SD card to store your libraries (check the manual how large SD cards can be read by your model)?

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.