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  • First time posting music here. Grateful if I can learn anything

    Hi There

    Really enjoy making music with the vsl. Would like to improve. If anyone has any comments or criticisms on this piece I’ve made that’d be lovely -- .

    I’ll have to comment on other people’s music (though I wonder if I know enough to give good feedback)

  • Hi there YacobW,

    just wondering if you are looking for feedback in relation to the composition structure and devices, or the actual mix.



  • Hi Steve

    All of it really. I've been making music in a bubble. I'm sure I've not used some of the Vienna Ensemble plug-ins to their full effect. If I can get feedback on the composition structure, devices and mix that'd be great (if it's not too much of a bother).

    Best Wishes


  • Hi Yacob,

    no problem. In regards to your piece, I'm not sure exactly what you would like to ask in regard to help for this, so if you want to message me privately, and I can talk via email if you like.

    So, feel free to go ahead and message me, and I'll see if I can offer some kind of feedback that may be helpful.


    Steve :-)

  • Not bad, this is very decently done. More spatial resolution (strechted z-axis (brass)) and better width/depth relations (choir) would be a good start for changes. More "enveloped" sound in general would help (f.e. MIRacle/Hybrid Reveb for additional algorithmic tail).

  • Thanks Goran. Will play around with the depth - it's an area I certainly need practice on. I have no MIR at the moment but I will fiddle around with the reverb in Ensemble.

  • If I were mixing this piece myself,  I would push the snare back more, as if it were at the back of the orchestra (which is where it normally is), without MIR,  you can do this by rolling the higher frequencies off a little and increasing the reverb depth,  that will push it back a little, you'll also want to reduce the level (the snare) slightly (down) as well.

    Maybe the piece should have more dynamics,  it is very much at one level throughout at the moment,

    but these things are a matter of opinion,  and doesn't mean your mix is wrong,  if your piece was in a cinematic situation,  the upfront snare could well give you the tension that this piece maybe trying to create.

  • Thanks Andy. I should have said that this piece was made with television in mind. Will play around the snare a little - see if it sounds better further back.

    I'm finding it hard to comment on other people's work as I feel I don't know enough to give valuable feedback (beyond, "Yeah. That's good." [:)] ).

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