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  • Vienna Ensemble problem

    I recently had to replace my C: Drive and had to reinstall my Vienna Stuff. I have a bunch of the Special Editions, Appasionatta 1 & 2, Elements and Fanfare trumpets and the Vienna Pro Player. I was using the free Vienna Ensemble. I downloaded the newest version of the player which also installs the free Vienna Ensemble.  So after the reinstall I boot up Cubase and open a song that has two Vienna Pro instruments inside the Vienna Ensemble program. The Vienna Ensemble program loads up but no Vienna instruments are in it. It appears that the first two slots are occupied... but they're not. If I click on the icon in the bottom left to launch a new Vienna Pro Player instance one pops up and I am able to add a sound to it. The problem is that some songs have a ton of Vienna patches loaded through Vienna Ensemble and even though I meticulously named them in Cubase (for when I have problems just like this) Cubase and Vienna overwrite the names I wrote in and it just says Vienna Ensemble (x64). So I can't even manually reload all of the oatches as i can't remember exactly which ones I had loaded. Is there a bug in the Vienna Ensemble that is now bundled with the Pro player? User error? Someone typed a 1 when they meant a 0? It kills me to think I have to guess at the instruments I had  loaded (no I don't use a template that I can refer to) and it kills me even more to have to manually reload in the instruments. Help? Anybody have this problem?

    I'm using Cubase 7.5 64 bit and the latest Vienna player and Ensemble. Can I download an older version of the player and the separate older Ensemle? any help would be so appreciated.

    All the very best,


  • Anybody?

  • I fixed the issue by going back to older versions of the player and Ensemble in xase anyone has a similar issue. 

    Happy day!

  • I fixed the issue by going back to older versions of the Pro player (2.0.973)  and Ensemble (4.1.0)  in case anyone has a similar issue. 

    Happy day!