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  • Differences between Appassionata, Orchestral and Dimension ?

    Hello everybody

    Could anyone give me a clue differences between Appassionata, Orchestral and Dimension ?

    Apart from the VSL comments which are not exclusive (see below), I would like to know more in terms of "mood/atmosphere" or "use" or "character/personality" of each of these strings ensemble. In fact, are they complementary or redundant ?
    I already have Appassionata Strings I, but considering the prices... difficult to make a choice (maybe I could just go for Appassionata Strings II...).

    VSL comments :
    Appassionata "larger-than-life Hollywood sound"
    Orchestral "complete string section of the full symphonic orchestra"
    Dimension "a new chapter in the history of sampling technology"

    Thank you !

  • They are mostly complementary libraries. But general sounding of the orchestral strings will be closer to your Appassionata's than the dimension's.

    Appassionata: Big lush strings section. Think hollywood sound. Less articulations than other VSL libraries, but still have more than most other companie's product.

    orchestral: Normal orchestral size strings section. Lots of articulations (sanza vivrato. col legnos, Flautando, more dynamics, harmonics, sul ponticello, glissandi...)

    Dimension: That's another game. It's like writing for the real thing. I like to use it for more complex polyphonic passage. But using in unisson woks great too. Layered to your Appassionata's will give life and details. The legato  without vibrato/with vibrato crossfade works great.

    This library have a more ''in your face sound''. It as about the same amount of players that what I can hire on my gigs, so I can tell that it's surprisingly similar to what I'm getting when recording real players.

    Be sure sure to have fast drive to use the dimension strings. SSD or Raid 0. Because you have to stream much more samples than regular libraries.

    I use regularly those 3 products in my workflow. The dimension have become my most essential library but I could'nt live without one of the two others. 

  • Dear FredB

    Thanks a lot for this crystal clear answer ! Specially because you own those 3 strings ensemble, your experience is nothing but valuable.