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  • Release samples

    Is it possible to control the release samples more than on/off?

    I'd like to be able to adjust the level and/or release time for only the release samples.



  • AFAIK there is no extra control.

    I understand about controlling volume, but to TBH it's not just the volume that needs to be controlled; the end of the preceding note needs to match, so I'm not sure that volume change on just the RS is much good on its own.

    As far as release time, that doesn't really make sense to me. A release sample is basically the air in the room after the note finished, so I don't quite understood what you're expecting to hear.


  • In this case, I have a solo cello with slot x-fade between perf-leg and sus_Vib_espr.

    Both those "articulations" have a lot of resonance in the body of the instrument, the epressivo patch even more so.

    When I crossfade rapidly, I get an bump of low/mid frequency resonance.

    As for now, I have to turn off the release samples to get rid of this.

    If I could lower/control them on an articulation basis, that would help.

  • AFAIK the release sample only happens when you have a note off, so the crossfade shouldn't be causing anything that you wouldn't get without the crossfade. Maybe you could post a link to an example so that I can hear the difference with and without.