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  • Vienna Imperial - Issue with note resonance sound on Pedal ON->OFF (try-sound test)

    I consider buying a Vienna Imperial and I had an opportunity to test the VI on
    I found that when I strike a note or chord with the pedal depressed I hear the note sounding with soundboard and strings resonance (which is correct), but when I release the pedal, still holding the keys - the sound doesnt change, is still the same (with string and resonances, which should be now damped). The sound of the pressed notes should "return" to the decay sound of keys hit without the pedal.

    All other libraries, even much cheaper not technologically advanced libraries address this effect (which I believe technically in the simplest but effective manner is nothing but doing a crossfade between pedal depressed and pedal off note sounds) and for me it's strange that VI doesnt do that. This behavior is very commonly used to "calm down" the sound on the end of some phrase ending on some longer note and is very unrealistic.

    Or it was something wrong with that online testing version of the VI? Is the same applies to library running on own pc?
    If it is a standard issue, is it going to be solved with a shortcoming update?

  • Hi Zorkb,

    sorry that I don't know exactly which version of the Imperial is installed on TRY SOUND, because this feature was introduced a year ago or so with an update.

    A button at the bottom of the GUI labeled "2sus" (beside the polyphony settings)  offers on the fly crossfading between pedal up pedal down sounds. Ofcourse the polyphony is doubled when  "2sus" is activated, therefor you have the option to switch it on or off.



  • Hi, Thank you for your answer. So, before quesioning I did some research, and somewhere on the forum, somwhere in the manual and changelog I gathered laconic information that the "2sus" option enables repedalling (information from the forum) and adds a sustain to notes pressed _BEFORE_ the sustain pressed (from the changelog). I specially looked at the interface on the trysound and didn't find a 2sus button, but surprisingly repedalling worked (but _not_ that crossfading) so I thought it must be the version with all current important features, but the button is missing on this trysound version for some other reasons (if repedalling worked I was pretty sure that such crossfading had to be introduced long time before).

    So if you say that the crossfade on hold notes AFTER releasing the pedal now is also realized it has to be not the newest version on the TrySound installed (but also not the oldest). Only I wonder why there is no information about that feature, I would say most important, even more than repedalling, which is also very important and ALSO there is no information in manual and changelog about it (only on the forum).

    Too bad, that VSL doesnt really advertise such imporant features, and only desperate people (like me) find some clues here and there, and in fact they are nowhere completely documented. Other piano library producers make from them selling keypoints, and it is reasonable, as a note-playing-sampler, besides how great tone and sound there would be, without such features, would be useless from the point of view of pianist (that is someone who use the library for practicing). Hopefully the VI as I understood today have most of them.
    Only the halfpedal is still missing - not especially for normal playing on halfpedal, but rather for slow pedal movement note sound transistions - that would be great if also this feature would be impemented in the near future.

  • Hello Zorkb,

    I write you in the name of Best Service, the operator of Try Sound. We froze the state of Try Sound a while ago, since updating instruments lead to more and more trouble. We since then work on a new version that will probably be ready somewhere around Q3 2014. Until then we decided to leave Try Sound the way it is and give users at least the chance to get a raw impression of the instruments they are interested in.

    It is absolutely true that we should point out that the instrument versions are a bit outdated on Try Sound... I will see what I can do about this.

    Best regards
    Wolfgang Wanko
    Best Service GmbH

  • I too look forward to the inclusion of half-pedaling in a future update,

    Best Regards,