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  • Shostakovitch; Festive Overture

    I never really like Shostakovitch until I heard this. An exciting orchestral piece. Dimension Strings and Horns and more.


  • Wow.  Bravo [:)]

  • Superb work, especially brass. I f you would raise the strings and woodwinds on the same level, this would become one of the best VSL productions I've ever heard.

  • Thanks alot. I'll give this a fresh listen and see about boosting the ww and strings a couple of db. I had never heard this piece before and when I came across it I thought it would be a great opportuniy to really show off VSL with an exciting orchestra realization.

    I really appreciate the feedback.

  • :-))... sorry, I expressed myself in a clumsy way - I didn't mean raising strings and woodwinds on the same volume level, but on the same level of sound and performance realism the brass already exhibits.

    Btw, what did you use for spatial positioning, MIR or something else? Any EQing done on Dimension Brass?

    The piece is great for showing off qualities of a library when done properly, as your example amply demonstrates...

  • I used MIR Pro w/ Grosser Saal. No or very little EQ was used on the Brass and only lightly used in other sections. Once you've got the orchestra laid out and can work with section (and solo) levels and dynamics MIR and VSL sounds pretty great. Thanks again

  • Impressive - you must have chosen just the right spots for the brass section, as Dimenson Brass really sounds superb in your rendering.

  • Great work! I really think you have accomplished a lot. The attention to detail makes your arrangement stand out from the crowd. Just curious, how much time do you think you spent overall working on this?


  • Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

    I probably spent a couple of months on this, maybe 50 hours total. Could be more to be honest as one tends to get involved and loses track of time :-)


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