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  • Latency on first note triggered using VE Pro 5 over LAN

    Using the setup below, upon starting record (midi) in Logic Pro X, the first triggering of a note or chord causes a noticeable latency, yet all following playing, no noticeable delay. I have tried several different settings of VEP buffers, threads, and Logic's I/O buffer size with little change. The best combination I've managed is 1 buffer on each VEP instance and 512 I/O buffer in Logic, but still noticeable latency on the first played note.
    (see my sig) I have VEP network setup using Direct ethernet connections, my VEP Server is on my slave computer. All Kontakt instances have multiprocessor use disabled. VEP threads set at 4.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

  • anybody?