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  • MIRPro MIRx Mode

    Hmm.  I was expecting implementation for a lot more venues.  Are these coming?  I currently own the Studios and Gateshead room packs.  My only choice out of all those beautiful rooms is the Teldex and that only in the long configuration.  Seems rather limiting.

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    @Another User said:

    Are these coming?

    Seriously - how much would you be willing to pay for them? 😉 When you bid, please take into account that it takes me several _weeks_ to create useful presets for _one_ MIRx Venue alone (not counting all the software engineering, documentation and delivery aspects).


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Dietz, I've invested thousands and thousands of dollars in VSL software and appreciate all the effort that you put into it.  I'm enjoying the MIRx functionality that you've added to MIR Pro, just surprised that it was only for two venues that I can use, that's all. Don't blame me that your stuff is so good that I want MORE...

    I'm sure that you know how to price your software better than I.  I couldn't begin to guess how many users would be interested in, say, a MIRx implementation for SageOne Gateshead, for instance, or how to calculate your investment measured against potential return.  I'm strictly in the music software consumption end of the business, not the production end.  :-)

    Seriously; if I were currently in a position to throw a few more hundred dollars into your coffers I'd probably upgrade from Vienna Ensemble to Vienna Ensemble Pro so that I could take advantage of the free presets you've already published.  They seem to apply to far more of the venues that I currently own.

    So I hope that you don't get discouraged by my comment and that you keep on doing that voodoo that you do so well!


  • I have some confusion around MIR vs MIRx. I own MIRx + Mozartsaal. Very happy with that. I find myself migrating more instruments from DAW (Studio One) to VEP. I recently purchased VSL Suite as well (in the big learn mode, spoken of often, so a noob). With adding non-VSL instrumentsto VEP, I am thinking MIR Pro 24 will let me do more.

    My question is simple. I think of MIRx as presets + reverb. There are venues, and with pro room packs. I am happy with Mozartsaal. What I don't understand is that while Pro has MIRx mode....which appears to import presets, what about the reverb / venue part? Do I have to purchase a room pack (think #1 has Mozartsaal?), or will my venue reverb work...leveraging what I already purchased? I've read a bit, and it is difficult to be sure.

    There is mention of upgrades...but I have a single venue, not an MIRx bundle, and a room pack is a bundle (or was that costs a bundle! 😀). For now, if I can use the MIRx reverb I own, I'll prefer do that. If a room pack truly is required I will do that instead. Hope this makes sense- can I use my existing MIRx venue in MIR Pro 24.



  • Based on this  I gather venue is also the term in either Pro or x. I am going forward to buy/try it, and hopefully my MIRx "reverb" in addition to the presets will just work.

    Never mind :-)  (although, the product info is a little unclear as to exactly what happens. Should say: "Your venues from MIRx will (or not) work". Instead it mentions you need to get a room pack. If you want folks to upgrade to Pro that would be helpful clarification. Again, though...I bought Pro 24 this morning. Yeeeeha! Even more to learn :-)

  • Hi Paul,

    sorry if we let you wait in confusion. ... Actually I had an answer to your question ready yesterday. I was just waiting for an official reply of VSL's sales departement whether there's an upgrade path from a MIRx licence to the respective MIR Pro Venue or not. I still don't know for sure, to be honest, but it seems as there isn't one. 8-)

    Anyway - that's what I wrote yesterday:



    Hello Paul,

    MIRx is "just" a collection of instrument-specific setups created within MIR Pro, exported in form of dedicated (pre-rendered) impulse responses and tailor-made EQ settings. So you don't get the "Mozartsaal"-Venue with MIRx, just a few, manually chosen examples of the virtually endless acoustic possibilities of the actual MIR Venue. ("MIRx Mode" lets you choose these settings in MIR Pro by means of a single mouse-click. Still you can change each and every single parameter afterwards - unlike MIRx.)

    To access to these vast possibilities within MIR Pro, you will need the Venue's original IR-data, which is indeed part of RoomPack 1 - Vienna Konzerthaus.


    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi Dietz,

    Thanks so much for your quick/informative response. Sorry to be a little dense here, while I am close I am not sure I am fully there yet. I bought MIRx + Mozartsaal venue a while ago. So, I have/own both. I chose Mozartsaal for the chamber sound, and I am very happy with it. I understand th idea of bringing over all those presets, but my confusion, still, is around the venue that I already own.

    Since I purchased MIR Pro 24 today, will the MIRx flavor of Mozartsaal venue I bought earlier work...or is that really what you mean by pre-rendered - the "sound" is fixed, so to get the full impact of Mozartsaal I really need to buy the room pack and the current venue that works in MIRx won't be adjustable in MIR Pro.

    I want to add say my Ivory piano into the layout. If I want the new "scene" including non-VSL instruments with the Mozartsaal sound, I will need the room pack too, correct? I was missing the fixed rendering part, if that is what prevents me from just purchasing the Pro 24, and then using the MIRx venue I already own. This is less about upgrades/cost and more about understanding whether I need (or don't need) to also get the room pack with Mozartsaal (think RP #1).

    Thanks so much! I continue to be awed by the sound and quality of your products - and support!

    Best, paul