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    Is there any shortcut for applying a selected humanize preset to ALL of the articulations within a preset simultaneously?

  • With hotkey

    ctr + alt and mouseclick directly on the textfield "Humanize" you get a dialogbox to type in any number between 1 to 8.

    All patches within a preset which do have the same humanize number as the current selected patch will now change to any version number you type in.

    If there are used different type of humanize settings for different patches but  with the same version number, these different types will remain, just the version changes. There are no other options for exchanges.

    Please keep in mind, that this shortcut and the patch replace shortcut decribed in the other thread are inhouse developer tools. We simply left these hotkeys in the final software version for very advanced power users when requested. Therefor these features are not described in the manuals.



  • Hi, 

    On Mac, that´s "Command+Alt" and the mouse-click. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks Herb and Paul - that is a great addition.

  • Hi,

    Might I just ask a follow up question regarding the use of these shortcuts. I am at present using the Sibelius Presets with VIPro. These presets do not appear to have any humanize functionality and I would like to add the settings that are included in the VIPRO Presets (these seem to be basically a combination of Finding Tune Slow and Normal based on the articulation in quesiton as far as I can see). However adding these to each patch is quite laborious. Is there are quick way using the shortcut described in this forum thread? Ideally there should be a way to select a range of presets and apply the humanize function to these globally. 

    Many thanks,


  • Just bumping this request for information... Any insight regarding a fast way to apply humanize settings to numerous matrix positions at the same time would be much appreciated.



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  • Hello Juergen and Alain!

    You could use the Auto Humanize Presets option or the Auto-Humanize function in the Vienna Instruments Pro General Settings menu. This way Humanize curves will be applied to all loaded patches. In doing so always the "In tune random" settings will be used, but in most cases they should also work for shorter articulations.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Brilliant... Hadn't spotted those methods!

  • I've just bought the full Solo Strings 1 with extension and am using the Sibelius presets in VIP2 "Sibelius SS1 Extended which I assume is correct. Although I have  auto humanise matrices and presets ticked, this is not working at all and every cell has to be programmed individually to get any humanise effect. I don't see what I'm missing. The auto humanise function works perfectly in the VSL Special Edition solo strings using the standard Vienna presets.

    many thanks,