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  • VEPro to PC Slave using 2 separate ethernet connections


    Just installed a custom PC slave to stream samples in VEPro to my Mac Pro-based DAW (Logic). The PC has a 2nd gigabit ethernet card installed that I want to dedicate ONLY TO VEPRO.

    -So internet, remote desktop, file sharing, etc on 1 ethernet connection to the Mac.

    -VEPro streaming ONLY on the second.

    How do I set this up in network settings Win/Osx/VEPro? Static IPs required? Complete IT neophyte despite the last 3 hours of watching Windows tutorials.

    Pretty sure VEPro and internet are are both running on a single (1st) ethernet cable and nothing is going across the second, so while everything is working, it's working all wrong..if that makes sense.

    A VEPro tutorial on this would have been solid, boys.


  • usually i would recommend to seperate the audio network (used for VEPRO) from the default studio network (internet, ect) which requires both networks to reside in separate ranges (eg. and mask: each).

    clearly this cannot be managed through DHCP (automatic assignment of IP addresses), at least not for the audio network.


    but as i understand your post you'd like to have 2 separate links between your master- and slave-computer for different purposes.

    this (having both links in the same network range but with different IP adresses) might be supported by your operating system, but there is no guarantee that different applications will use different links (order of binding of network interfaces and network protocols is involved).


    you can try to assign IPs in different ranges to both NICs (on both computers), but all operations now have to be initiated by the respective IP address - filesharing via SMB will only resolve the computer names, not the link, so leaving the decision which link to use to the OS.


    sometimes even a feature called *network load balancing* comes into the game and the operating system will even overrule your intention which link to use for which operation.

    give it a try if your setup does what you want, but in any case make sure only one NIC has a gateway (in OSX called router) assigned.

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Thanks for the reply.  

    Can you explain how to set this up?  I traded my gig as head IT consultant on the JPMorgan trading floor for a career in professional composition a long time ago...

  • Well I can confirm that when both ethernet cables are plugged in, evrything including VEPro is in fact transmitting across just one cable (the cable between ethernet 1 on the mac and the original ethernet port on the PC).

    2nd ethernet doing nothing.  Is there a way to "point" VEPro to this 2nd link instead..?

  • here is a schematic drawing for the configuration above:



    192.168.x.y is just an example - x indicates the network, y indicates the computer (on the respective network),

    Mask separates both networks (0 and 10 in the example) and means computers on each network are identified by the number after the last dot.

    you can choose x between 0 and 255, y between 1 and 254 - but no number must appear twice on the same network,

    eg. if your router provides DHCP and has IP you must not assign this IP to any other device on the network.


    i personally prefer static IPs (you must assign IPs static on the audio network)

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Awesome thanks so much cm.  Crash course in LAN 101.

    I should have mentioned that the internet is coming through airport on the mac pro (Comp A), so no switch.  Mac should feed the PC internet via the default network.

    This is super helpful, I will attempt tomorrow.  

    The main thing I learned on my own is that you can override the connection VEPro is making to the slave by simply typing in the different IP address for the other connection manually in VE PRo and clicking "connect."  This was a revelation.  I can force VEPro to use the network I want simply from within VEPro.  Having VEPro constantly show you the ip address it conects to was a brilliant idea.

  • so your setup should look somehow like this (if your airport works as a router it actually is more simple)



    i really should get some new mac sometime ... because not sure now how to tell internet sharing which IP range to use on OSX > 10.4 ...

    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Cm, three questions please:

    1.  Is the switch between NIC A1 and NIC B1 necessary?  It's just a single direct ethernet connetion so not sure why a switch would be necessary (no additional cables coming in there).

    2. Do all the manual IPs need to be 192.168.x.x or can they be anything? I ask because the second ethernet card on Compt B is automatically showing IP and is coming up in Windows as "unidentified Public network," which I can't change.

    3.  Otherwise I understand all the IPs and connections above except "Connect to Share on Comp B \\xxxx(sharename), etc.  What do these mean?

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    @Another User said:

    Connect to Share on Comp B \\xxxx(sharename), etc.  What do these mean?

    if you like to access a share on a computer first there has to even exist such a share (share this folder as [ShareName], allow read or write access). from the other computer you now can connect to this share or even access a drive-letter to this share.

    to make sure this connection will use the intended network you have to access the share by IP instead of computername.

    it makes things easier if username/password on both computers is the same ...


    and remember: only a CRAY can run an endless loop in just three seconds.
  • Hi

    I have two Mac Pros running Sierra, and am looking to set up two independent connections - Built in for router / normal internet and networking, and a second direct port on two Ethernet PCI-e cards exclusively for VE Pro. Ive tried to follow this diagram, however it looks like its for PCs. The principle should be the same. My main connection is fine but VE Pro cant access the second connection. Can anyone help?