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  • How to Download VIolas

    I don't remember how I did this with the violins and cellos, but folloiwng the directions on the forum is not working for me.

    •  The download did not start automatically after downloading the Download Manager.

    •  DOulbe clicking the DOwnload Manager opens the application, but nothing happens.

    •  To make things more confusing, there is a DOWNLOAD link by the violas on the VSL page, which I don't understand if Download Manager downloads for you.

    What am I supposed to do?

  • The download manager needs a download file to work. Download the Dimension Violas file for the Download Manager.

    Open the file with the Download Manager to start downloading the library.

    (that makes a lot of downloads[:)])

  • Thanks.  Got it downloaded.  The directions in the manual and on the site seemed a bit unclear but it worked out.  Appreciate the response.