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  • C.P.E BACH Symphony for strings Wq 182 N°2 - Third mouvement

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    Hi everybody,

    First, i wish Happy New Year to all VSL team and members of the forum.

    Pending the release of violas, here is another rendition of C.P.E.BACH with another Symphony Wq 182, the N°2 - third mouvement. Performed with Dimension Violins/Cellos, Solo and Chamber strings + Harpsichord.

    C.P.E BACH Symphony N°2

    NEW : Version with Dimension Violas

    Enjoy !!


  • Hi Philippe, 

    Outstanding Demo,  Very well done ! 

    Thanks for sharing it,


  • This is so good! I love it.  Masterful performance.  The dynamic nuances are exactly right.  The control vs. humanize - perfect.   This may be Philippe's best yet.  I love listening to what he posts here.   It is a truly artistic use of VSL. 

    also - C.P.E. is a very impressive composer.  Probably overshadowed by his father.

  • Impressive programming!

    I'm curious to know how you layered the Dimension and chamber strings.

    Did you simply use the missing viola and bass or you doubled some violins.

    And how many Dimension Violins you use per voice? 8 or 4


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    Thanks Musiksculp, William and Fred for your very kind comments.

    I use 4 Dimension Violins for each part, doubled with Solo and Chamber strings. i could say that Solo and Chamber give more density and Dimension Strings give much more realism. The sound result is pretty good.

    I have mixed a new version with Dimension violas : New : Version with Dimension violas.



  • Hi,

    how do you do this so quick? I am quite experienced and still it takes me ages to get satisfying results!


  • Hi Martin,

    not so quickly : it is a piece of just 100 measures ( + repetition) with four different parts (+ harpsichord). And  Dimensions violas, it was just some cells to change in prepared matrix ...



  • Great work, Hey Philippe I have listened to a lot of mock ups in the past year for Baroque and smaller chamber works and yours are definitely the best I have heard. The players sound amazingly alive and organic. Good Stuff!! Do you use vst expression maps or do you switch articulations the old fashioned way, also when you upload to soundcloud do you allow the company to convert your file to the mp3 format or do you do it yourself. Dave

  • Thanks Dave.I'm happy you like it !

    I don't use vst expression maps, i do it in the "old fashioned way" ... and i don't fell it takes much more time, really ...

    Before, on soundcloud, i was uploading mp3 files, converted from wav by myself. Now, i create flac files with VSL and i upload flac file on soundcloud. But the streaming quality on soundcloud is really horrible, so i allowed the "download" option, if someone want to lsiten to the file in high quality. I recommend for listening the free foobar player, in asio mode.



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