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  • key switches practical?

    Hello! Does anybody have any suggestions for switching between multiple patches? For instance, if one line requires the use of three or even four patches things get tricky. Especially if one wants to control Velocity Xfade with the mod-wheel simultaneously. Key switches don't seem practical. And changing the patch based on velocity goes against the natural way of playing. Changing the patch by speed can only apply to certain situations. I have two pedals connected to the keyboard. There must be a way to get one of them to help out somehow? I don't have VI pro. Just the one that comes with the samples for free. Thank you, Dom

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    Hi Dom,

    Everybody is using a different system there, but itĀ“s generally MIDI CC controlled.

    Maybe you should give VI PRO a chance, in combination with a tablet you can use the VI PRO Remote Control, which lets you switch articulations on the tablet.... HereĀ“s a link to the VI PRO Remote video, and you can try if you like it with a free demo license for VI PRO (click "try").



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL