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  • Updated Front Page - "Violas Coming Soon"

    Ughh. Seriously I'd prefer nothing rather then that tease.

    Any kind of estimated guess when we can expect them? I only ask because I have fallen in love with this library.

  • "soon" is a terrible expression... it's even worse than "a couple of weeks..." [:D]

  • Although I understand your point, I like this update.  Itmakes me believe we are not too far off from seeing the violas.

  • Hopefully the Violas will be released by the Start of the Winter NAMM show. 

    The VSL team will have something new to show at the show. I'm also wondering what else will VSL release this year, other than the Dim-Strings Violas and Basses ?

    I'm guessing VSL Dim-Brass Ext. , maybe new updates/versions of VE-Pro and VI-Pro ? and maybe some new Libraries ...(Hard to guess this one). 

  • Dimension Woodwinds? :O :O