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  • Multiple Libraries - not all notes start at exactly the same moment

    For a project I am using:

    • GPO - for flute (ARIA player)
    • EWQL - for other woodwinds and brass (PLAY player)
    • VLS - special editions solo strings complete - SE Strings Vol 1/Vol 1 Plus (on Vienna Ensemble with VI - Pro)

    I noticed that between those libs there is some delay.

    • When using the GPO flute and EWQL solo-oboe the flutes come a bit later.
    • When using the GPO flute and VLS solo strings the strings with articulation sustain and legato are a bit too late (attack=0,start=0)
    • When using the GPO flute and VSL ensemble strings (from that package) sustains and legatos are also a bit late in relation to the GPO flute

    Any suggestions how to solve this or what caused this?



  • Are you sure you're not having latency issues with your libs?

    You could try hilighting the slower or faster notes then click and drag them to try to sync them up.  Of course this assumes that you're using a sequencer as opposed to notation software.  You didn't say much about your system which makes it difficult to diagnos the problem.