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  • Need some advice regarding Dimension Brass

    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently stuck in a dilemma. I'm really starting to dive into VI PRO. I gotta say what a magnificent sample player. I'm starting to notice how great it is to fine tune samples and adjust everything to my liking. ESPECIALLY with the VI iPad APP. OMG it has changed my whole work flow. In my opinion there's nothing that even comes to close to this. Now with that said. 

    I'm really looking for some insight regarding Dimension Brass. I currently own the SE brass and SE brass + and while it's pretty awesome I need something with a little more oomph and more articulations. As of right now I'm using Hollywood Brass (Silver edition) and Cinebrass Core. While both are great libraries, I'm having a really hard time trying to work with these libraries. With HB, the play engine is a real pain in the arse and god it takes forever to load samples. Even with an SSD. It's a real motivation killer. I think Cinebrass is really awesome for layering but lacks the articulations and adjustibility I'm looking for. 

    Would you consider Dimension Brass for this problem or go straight for the Brass 1 and Brass 2 library which is super expensive with the Extended Edition?


  • It depends on what are you looking for. If you are going to compose for orchestra, you really need Dim Brass, as this is only library with real divisi up to four voices. Layering of three or four instruments of same sample set is horrible sounding, you can try it with SE versions fo example triple horn. So you need real three or four players and each of them plays little bit differently. This is what Dim Brass offers you and this is also real orchestra situation. And VI Pro software? There's really no competition on market to this sampler and its effectiveness [;)] Some other companies developing also good samplers, but I think they are not suitable for orchestration kind of work. It can takes ages to complete something serious with it, and I really dont mean those "Lord of the Rings"compositions all over the internet {which I cant stand anymore} with two simple chord transitions and always "huge" cinematic sound.

  • Thank you for the reply icecubeman. It makes a lot of sense now. Time to buy...  [:D]

  • But dont forget that learning of instrumentation and harmony is key factor, the library itself is solving nothing. You must know what you are doing. Going to watch live orchestral concerts is also recommended, so you know how the real orchestra should sound. In most cases, the developers demos (excluding VSL) sounds very exponded and far from real sounding orchestra. Keep this in mind.... learning and knowing is 99% of your success.

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    You might find this comparison interesting.....(Dimensons Brass and HB involved)

  • Thanks for all the help fellas. Went ahead and got Dimension Brass. Holy hell I'm having tons of fun with this library. I'm so in love with the Auto-Divisi. Good job VSL. [<:o)]