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  • Why does my Master cpu spike when I play instruments on my Slave?

    I wonder if there's a quick answer to this one. I added 3 patches into a single PLAY to an instance of VEpro on my Slave MacPro. This instance has previously been rock solid. But now I'm getting consistent glitching when I play back a simple sequence using the Slave. The Slave CPU is only going to about 40% (max) but core #8 of my Master MacPro is maxing out when the glitches occur (Logic X). I'm using around 12 audio channels from slave to master. 

    It looks as though the Slave has more than enough CPU to play back all the necessary voices. It shouldn't take a lot of CPU on the Master to just run 12 channels of audio. I also observed that there is very little disk activity happenning on the slave when I play back my sequence. 

    I'm just dabbling for the first time with PLAY and large instruments.