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  • Guitar Strumming

    Does anyone know if there is a way to strum a chord "up" with Concert Guitar? I'm aware that all the chords are sampled, so chords would have to sampled that way. If there are strum "up" chords included I have not found them yet. I'm not a master with the Performance Tool either, so I don't know if its possible to use it to do what I want. Any suggestions are appreciated.

  • There are eight different chord articulations, they are mapped to keyswitches, so you can control them manually or using the alternation tool, for automated switching between up and down strumming.
    Up and down is labeled "batt" and "pull".

    Here you have the keyswitch list:

    C1: batt
    C#1: batt muted
    D1: pull
    D#1: pull muted
    E1: rasguado
    F1: rasquado muted
    F#1: rasquado looped sus
    G1: arpeggio

  • Thanks for your response. I've tried what you suggested. The keyswitches work. It will take some work on my part to make it to sound right though. I didn't see how I could do this using the Alternation Tool. I don't see a label that says "batt" or "pull".

  • Set a matrixline of the alternationtool to:


    the tool will alternate now between 1st keyswitch (C1 batt) and 3rd keyswitch (D1 pull). That's all you have to do.


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