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  • Inaudible instrument becomes audible

    This regards a Logic 9 file in which VI Pro is instantiated in 9 Logic Tracks and each track has the MIR plugin inserted into it. I have been working on this file for a few weeks without incident. But then, twice during the past few days an instrument stopped making any sound after I'd been editing its track for a while. In the first case, I quit Logic and restarted the computer and the instrument resumed playing normally. In the second case, quitting Logic and restarting did not make the instrument audible again - - although VI Pro's meters showed its signal. All the other tracks play normally. Does anyone have any ideas regarding what might be causing this? I'd be most appreciative of any help. 



  • I solved the problem in the following manner. First I opened an earlier version of the file with the same VI Pro presets for each instrument. The track that had been inaudible, the clarinet track, was audible. Cleary the VI Pro Preset was not to blame since it worked in one Logic 9 file but not in another. I returned to the problematic file. I created a new software instrument track and instantiated the same Clarinet preset as the one deployed in the inaudible track. I then moved the MIDI data to this track and copied the MIR settings from the original track. The track played back without incident. I then deleted the inaudible track. It appears that the problem was within Logic or with some interaction between VI Pro and Logic 9.