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  • Reconnect to same VEPro server when moving DAW project from machine to machine?


    I'm wondering if this is possible.

    1. Create project in DAW on machine A (Mac Pro).

    2. Connect instances of Vienna Ensemble to VEPro Server also running on machine A.

    3. Move project to DAW running on machine B (Macbook Pro) running on same wired network as machine A.

    4. Have it automatically reconnect to VEPro Server instances still running/preserved on machine A?

    So far, I've had to reconnect manually as I move the DAW project back and forth. Is there any way to specify the server so that it always find it if it's on the same network?



    client: Mac Mini M1 8G OS 14.1.1 VE Pro 7.2.3388 server: MacBook Pro 2019 2.4Ghz 8-core i9 64G OS 14.0 VE Pro 7.3.3502 client <-> server dual NICs, dedicated 1000baseT connection, no switch, manual IP client + server on LAN via primary NIC using DHCP
  • Hi Jason,

    You´ll always have to manually reconnect in this case, as the IP address of the local server is always, and if you´re accessing the Server from another computer, it will always use the "normal" IP address.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL