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  • Is VSL Ensemble Pro 5 good for this?

    Okay, here's the question for all of you VSL Ensemble Pro owners. I am going back and forth with the type of major orchestral string library I want to purchase this year for that BIG cinematic Hollywood sound for some of my upcoming projects as a composer. After much searching and listening, and comparing specs and performance, I've decided on investing in the VSL Appassionata Strings library. I just really like the way it has a big sound, and the fact that the VSL Ensemble Player performs so well once you learn it. But, if I purchased the full VSL Appassionata Strings bundle, I'll get all of the individual strings sections, as well as the muted/con sordino version; for around $1000. However, VSL Ensemble Pro 5 comes with "Epic Orchestra", which has a pre-mapped version of the scaled down Appassionata Strings library. In terms of flexibility, would it be better for me to invest in the full Appassionata Strings bundle to get everything I want in orchestral string part writing; or would it suffice to get VSL Ensemble Pro 5 and have the version bundled with Epic Orchestra? I don't think Epic Orchestra has all of the individual string sections like the full bundle; but you still get the same Appassionata sound, on top of probably the best VST host for composing. - DAS

  • If you're serious about trying to write music, forget Epic Orchestra. It's a little taste, that's all.


  • Yeah, that's kind of what I figured. And yeah, I've been scoring projects for some time now. And I'm looking to get additional paying projects this year, on top of what I've been doing.  I've been formally trained in music in college years ago, and I'm more than comforatble with orchestrating, sequencing, mixing, etc, etc, etc.

    So my method of orchestrating is to primarily put emphasis on the orchestral arrangment itself, verses emphasis primarily on the sound of a sample library.  I had also noticed the VSL Orchestral Strings bundle. But I can't really tell if I would be getting more articulations/bowings with Orchestral Strings, verses Appassionata Strings.  All in all, I REALLY like the way Appassionata Strings sound.

    I think I'll have to bite the bullet, and save up money for the full Appassionata, verses relying on Epic Orchestra for those strings.

    - DAS

  • I'm also trying to figure out, what is the difference if I purchased the VSL Special Edition Volume 3 verses the Appassionata Strings bundle? They both give you the Appassionata Strings. Is it that you just receive more bowings/articulations with the Appassionata Strings bundle verses using the VSL SE Vol 3. library?

    If I can still achieve all of the necessary orchestral string part writing with VSL SE Vol. 3, then that seems like the best of both worlds for me.

    - DAS

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    Hi DAS,

    Check out the Sample Content of SE VOL 3 and compare it with the bigger Appassionata Strings I and Appassionata Strings II (con sordino), that should help with the decision.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL