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  • Problem with Sample Modeling's SWAM engine

    I can't load more than one instance of the same SWAM instrument (i.e. Oboe 1, Oboe 2) in VE Pro. I can load any other combination of SWAM instruments. I have the newest VE Pro version and I'm on OS X 10.8.5. Here is the crashreport:

  • Hi MTK, I can confirm that opening two SWAM instrument GUIs of the same type in the same host, makes the host crash. While a fix is in development, the workaround is to never open two instrument GUIs of the same type: if you want two Oboe in the same project, remember to close the GUI of one of the two instruments before open the other one. I'll inform as soon as we find a solution. Emanuele Parravicini Samplemodeling/SWAM team

  • Hi, Unfortunately, the workaround only works for about a second, then it crashes again :(. I wonder why it doesn't work the same for me as it does for you? I also tried to load the two oboes to different instances, to no avail. Any other ideas for possible workaround? Here is the workaround crashreport:

  • Hi MTK, please write me at . I can provide you with a beta version that fixes the issue. Best Emanuele Samplemodeling/SWAM

  • I have had no problems having a full orchestral brass section (4-3-3-1) as well as Woodwinds (10 or so) instantiated in VEPro, on Win 7 PC, running in 64bit server.  Of course I'm not using them all of the time, and I also only ever have 1 GUI open at a time, while I'm working on a particular part.  The issue you are having (not the multiple GUI issue), would seem to be OSX specific.  I missed that you were on OSX when I first skimmed through this thread...

    - Greg