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  • Comments on my sequencing? Solo Strings/string quartet

    I have been working on a short string quartet for a course I'm taking, and I've sequenced it with Solo Strings (std).
    I'm using LogicX/Solo Strings (std)/Vienna Suite (convo reverb, eq, power pan)/VI Pro
    Super beginner here, but would love to hear feedback about what I can do to improve my sequencing/mixing. Will still be continuing to improve my writing for sure!

  • Overall good sounding, but you should look at tempo programing for better realistic feel, breath. Also as this is counterpoint writing, the instrument playing melody should be little bit in front and other instruments little bit quieter at moment {Xfade programming}.

  • icecubeman, cheers for the feedback! I do have some bars that I slowed down the tempo, but I guess I could probably exaggerate it for effect. Good point on the levels as well, it didn't come to me till you mentioned it. Thanks for your time!

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