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  • Dimension String Trills

    In an earlier post, I said I was sorry that DS did not include sampled trills and we had a good discussion about that.  Here is my question, though:

    Four, six, or eight violinists would not trill in exactly the same way.  For example, if the composer called for a half-step trill starting on D, the violinists would not all change from D to D# to D at the same time over and over again.  For this reason, I don't understand how to make DS violin trills sound realistic.  I can program all the notes but then all the violins in a group are playing exactly together.

    Of course, I can establish 8 instances of single violins, but that is an unreasonable amount of work just to create a trill when the violins are playing the same part otherwise.

    This is frustrating me a bit.  Can someone offer advice?  Thanks very much.


  • Hi Konrad, 

    You could check out the many trills Herb provided in the VI PRO APP Sequencer presets, where these little inaccuracies are already implemented. 



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Dear Paul. I was trying to find this articulations, but I didn't. Could you explain how to find these VI PRO APP Sequencer presets? I am using Vienna Dimension, and I have demo licence of VI PRO. Best

  • I'm sure Paul will chime in with an answer ASAP. In the meantime, lots of information would be available from VSL's Tutorial Videos:



    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
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    The best idea is to check out page 18 in the Dimension Violins Library Manual, where all VI PRO Presets are listed and explained.

    And these are the Video Tutorials for VI PRO, with a special eye on the APP Sequencer, which powers those trills.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL