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  • R.I.P. Wojciech Kilar (1932-2013)

    I remember how impressed I was with the opening of Dracula at the cinema all those years ago, and his post-minimal Piano Concerto has some interesting ideas as well. He apparently was first choice for Lord of the Rings. At least he didn't compose with quavers, multis, and glue.

  • Happy New Year Errik

    The opening of The Ninth Gate is also impressive.  I very much appreciated his minimalist approach to his scoring.  He understood that less is almost always more.  I'm a bit embarrassed here as I didn't know he composed outside of the film score realm.  I'll have to look into his other works.  

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    This is a very popular piece for strings.


  • Yes, happy new year to all friends here. You're right Jasen, it is important to note the calibre of directors this man worked with at the outer periphery of the film music pantheon. Most people are only interested in composers that score movies involving swords or machine guns.

  • Sorry to hear that. I always wondered why he was never in more big movies. I think Dracula is one of the most memorable scores I've ever heard---really great old school leitmotifs. When they develop a 'magic Keanu eraser' app, that'll be one of my fave movies of all time.

  • I heard the promo score by him for LOTR's first trailer and it was awesome.  It was then replaced by the Howard Shore score.  I wonder why he was removed.   I have never heard anything else by this composer. 

    to me, this shows the state of film scoring now, which is not based on music.  Film scoring now has nothing to do with music. 

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