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  • Which audio interface for VSL in 2013/2014?

    I've reached the point where integrated audio and ASIO4ALL just aren't cutting it anymore. I want to invest in an audio interface with good drivers, but don't need a lot of inputs (I'll rarely be recording any audio). This interface would be used almost strictly for virtual instruments. I would prefer an external (USB) solution.

    What interface can you personally recommend?

  • RME works for me.  Never had any problems with RME drivers or otherwise.

    RME Can be a bit pricey but if you go cheap, it's going to sound cheap.

    Happy New Year[<:o)][D][B] 

  • RME [Y] [Y] [Y]

    - Babyface

    - UC

    - UCX

    - UFX

    Depends on your budget and your aims.

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  • Roland Quad Capture has really stable and reliable drivers even on 64 latency. I am using also Focusrite interfaces, very realiable.

  • Another vote for RME here! (... just my personal opinion as an audio professional, not an official statement by VSL ;-) ...)

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • And another for RME. I've been using them for years, and never had a problem.


  • +1 for RME again.

    Fireface 400 - no problems.

    Came from an EMU 1820m. Loved the sound, converters and features, but hated the stability.

    Came back to RME and all is working well. Fire & forget.



  • Rather than make a new thread, I thought I'd gatecrash this one and chime in...

    I would like some advice. I want to get an RME sound card for my Mac Pro 3,1 running 10.9 and 24GB of RAM. I had an Apogee Duet 2 but am not happy with it as the latency is not low enough for me. I run many demanding plugins and virtual orchestral instruments and also want to connect some Roland electronic v-drums to my set up and record with the lowest latency possible.

    Which interface would you recommend? I was considering the HDSPe AIO PCIe card or the Babyface? Any thoughts? My budget is around £400-600. Which card will give me the lowest latency and best performance? I also want something that can easily be used in a new Mac in case I decide to upgrade my system. The Babyface is USB 2 - is it not a good time to get one? Are RME soon updating their cards for USB 3 and Thunderbolt?

    Happy new year! [:)]

  • I would stay away from any USB-2 audio interface as long as you don't need it for a notebook with no other connectors.

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
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    @Dietz said:

    I would stay away from any USB-2 audio interface as long as you don't need it for a notebook with no other connectors.

    Hi Dietz...why is that? So you would recommend the HDSPe AIO? I'm just afraid that PCIe cards will soon become outdated, just as Firewire is on its way. Plus if I upgrade to a new Mac, I would need a chassis for the PCIe card..expensive solution!

  • As I don't use USB interfaces myself I can only offer anecdotic evidence, but I've heard several times already that USB audio devices can get troublesome as soon as you plan to use more than just stereo I/Os.

    ... maybe I'm just too conservative in that respect. :-)

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
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    @Dietz said:

    As I don't use USB interfaces myself...

    I used a RME Fireface UC (USB 2.0) and currently a RME Fireface UFX (USB 2.0) for playing the samples... and never had troubles.

    With the UFX I can run 16 and more channels with out any problem (PC, WIN7 x64Bit,  I admit, I've never checked the possibility of all the 28 channels).

    Fact is, that RME doesn't use the official USB2.0-protocoll - RME did an own one. This makes probably the race. Further RME programmed two different drivers, one for the MAC-side and one for the PC-side.

    But there's no doupt if you are looking for (very) short latencies: One of the fastest connection is the PCIe Bus.


    - Tips & Tricks while using Samples of VSL.. see at: - Tutorial "Mixing an Orchestra":
  • RME all the way.  If you have no intentions of travelling with it, get an internal interface card.  If you need flexibility to travel with, get something like the FireFace UCX.


  • Another happy RME Babyface user here :D

  • As you will work 'in the box' mostly latency will be a big concern. Here's an extensive latency comparison for many brands and models:

    If you're on a budget, an Esi Juli@ XTE would be a good choice. Latency-wise it is almost as good as RME at a fraction of the price. It has reliable drivers too.

  • Avoid USB 1 and 2 ! 

    Prefer USB 3, FW 800 or PCI solutions

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