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  • User Made Expression Maps Repository

    Seems like VSL isn't interested in making many Cubase Expression Maps so can VSL host a user repository to share Expression Maps? I'm having a hard time with them. I noticed even when I get a map where some of them work, a lot of the ones listed don't do anything. That is just clutter and makes it more difficult to use. Now I feel like I have to learn how to make them from scratch. The little boxes with abbreviations in VSL are so small difficult to read and the articulations if you aren't used to using them all are so cryptic. There are many options, key switching versus controllers versus speed and velocity. I'm not sure which is right for me but I think Expression Maps are the right choice for articulations. It's just not all there yet. Why is so much left up to the user? That is a lot of work when we just want to be making music. There needs to be more integration between the sequencer and the VSTi but these companies seem relucatant to cooperate. VSL makes the best sounding orchestral instruments however this interface seems designed for software engineers, not normal people. 

  • Hello dragonfly!

    We have prepared VST Expression Maps for most of our collections. They can be downloaded here:

    If you have problems with the provided Expression Maps, you can always contact us at support [at] vsl [dot] co [dot] at and we will do our best to help you.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Couldn't agree more, dragonfly. To be fair to VSL though, the point is that every matrix needs its own expressionmap, so what you want is a tool for rapidly creating em's from a given matrix. (Cf. Cubase's automatic import Keyswitch option which only works with VST3s)

    I'm coming round to the view that it's better to start with a really simple matrix and only add the extra fancy articulations when needed (and update the expressionmap for the piece you're working on). This begs the question 'why have I spent all this money on extra articulations when I only use a handful of them?' But you don't want an em with so many keyswitch options that it takes up most of the screen when editing a part.

  • It would be nice if we could buy articulstions individually as we need them but as in Cable TV bundles, perhaps it is more advantageous to VSL to sell only large bundles. I use some of the Level 2 extension articulations but some of them are totally useles to me such as the runs. 

    It is true that the large maps can not be easily read. I am going to try using them with the drop down menu instead. I would prefer to have all my articulations (minus the ones I do not like) in one map even if I have to disable some for RAM purposes. I have 32 gigs of RAM. I am still in the testing phase of map building.The build them as you need them approach is a good way to learn the articulations. I'm thinking that having them built beforehand would better facilitate my creative flow.

  • I've spent quite a bit of time creating custom maps. It's a killer feature but I feel it needs some updating.  The expression map creator inside Cubase is extremely clunky. My advice is similar to what vyv wrote, however I'd add that you should try to set up all your VIs so that they have the exact same keyswitch setup. That way you only need to create two maps that will work across the Vienna Symphonic Library--- one for high keyswitches and one for low keyswitches. Yes this is a lot of work :-) Disclaimer: I'm not talking about using maps as part of musical notation. For this purpose, I'd definitely use the maps provided by VSL.

  • In a perfect world, when you load a Matrix or when you alter a Matrix, an Expression Map for that Matrix would automatically be created and loaded into Cubase without the user having to do anything. This is something they can and should do. As always, one company would want to blame the other and put the responsibility on the other. The smaller company must do it because the larger company does not care.

     A simpler idea though is to have a button "Create Cubase Expression Map." problem solved. Please do this.

  • Major +1 to that Dragonfly. There needs to be a better way of getting maps made/customized.