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  • Vienna Training Center - online VSL learning platform

    Dear VSL users,

    Some good news for all interested in the further development of their VSL production skills: In February 2014 the

    Vienna Training Center, the online learning platform for the professional use of VSL libraries and software, will

    be launched.

    The Center will consist of seven monthly modules, covering all central aspects of the professional use of VSL –

    performance shaping of individual instrumental parts based on extensive analysis of a range of examples for

    strings, woodwinds and brass, employing audio production techniques using Vienna Suite, and, finally, spatial

    positioning and mixing of VSL instruments and ensembles using Vienna Suite, Vienna Ensemble (PRO) and Vienna MIR

    PRO (24).

    Apart from having unlimited access to online learning materials and all its updates via their personal accounts,

    the participants are entitled to use all templates and settings found in the materials for their own private or

    commercial purposes. They will also be entitled to all forthcoming „bonus“ production and template additions which

    will be periodically announced and added to the learning materials.
    Finally, participants are entitled to a

    detailed monthly personal feedback (mail/phone/skype) on all course related questions and submitted exercises.

    You can find all information on content, requirements, education discounts and enrollment on Vienna Training


  • Best of luck with this Goran, it must have taken a lot of work. I will look forward to hearing more about this as time goes.

  • Thank you Errikos, the ca. 450 pages of examples and analyses (+ graphics and sound examples) definitely did take some time to be conceptualized, written and optimized in their current shape. There was no way around this, as the idea was to present the most exhaustive practical learning survey of the VSL world possible within a reasonable time span (7 months) and with an amount of monthly material that can be absorbed (provided the participant is willing and able to reserve some 7-10 hours a week for serious work on the course). 

    The Vienna Training Center will also accompany all new and forthcoming VSL developments and periodically add insights into "alternative" approaches and techniques of using VSL instruments and software - the aim is to make it into a practical learning reference that combines easiness of use with a truly encyclopedic scope.

  • Good luck with your project.


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    @DG said:

    Good luck with your project.



  • VERY VERY good idea ; maybe you should revew the price ! 149 € per month is a lot  

    MacBook Pro M3 MAX 128 GB 8TB - 2 x 48" screen --- Logic Pro --- Mir Pro 3D --- Most of the VI libs, a few Synch... libs --- Quite a few Kontakt libs --- CS80 fanatic
  • Hi Cyril,

    the price includes not just the course materials, but a monthly personal feedback on all course related questions and submitted exercises. It also entitles the participant to all forthcoming additional project templates, which will be added to the materials in perodic intervals. Considering all this, we believe the current price to be reasonable.

    However, we do intend to make this learning platform as accessible to as large a number of users interested in improving their VSL production skills as possible - we will be considering possibilities such as the availability of separate modules/module groups or a "material only"-price variant if strong interest arises for the availability of such options.



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    COURSE MATERIALS: Since many have raised the question of the availability of the materials after the course has expired: all the materials will, of course, continue to be available to the participants after the duration of the course (for their own private use). You may be required to use new log-in data for your personal account from time to time, but there is no temporal limitation for the online availability of learning materials. This equally pertains to all forthcoming updates and project/template additions.

    Here you can take a listen at two recently finished pieces of mine done using VSL libraries and/or software.

  • Dear VSL users,

    the next VTC start date is the 1st of March 2014. In the meantime, you can check a new demonstration for the combined use of DS Violins, Solo Strings and Orchestral Strings on the example of Richard Wagner's Lohengrin-Prelude (Act I):

  • I have to agree with Cyril.  It would be nice to be able to buy only the modules of interest.

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    @mjmyers60 said:

    I have to agree with Cyril.  It would be nice to be able to buy only the modules of interest.

    In the next few months we will have gathered some experience as to what mode of availability seems to be most accesible to the interested VSL user. It is possible that we will offer a sort of a "thematic" modular structure if the interest for such a solution comes out strongly.