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  • #SOLVED# VEP 5 quit when exit** just in Cubase/mac

    That´s the first time that I´v seen a problem with VEP since I´ve used: VEP quit suddenly when I exit the application. This problem has happened once I upgraded to Cubase 7.5 and I downloaded the last VEP update. Have anyone seen the same problem?

  • Yohhoo!! Is not mac/Cubase/VEP user there with the same problem???

  • OK!!! I´ve found out the problem Recently I installed 32Lives. This app is a new a bridge for 32 bits AU plugins (and VI) in 64 bit host DAW. But what this app make is a copy of native 32 plugins in a new "resurrected" 64 bit format. In fact these new "resurrected" plugins appear together their 32 bits parents in the same plugin component folder. Once I deleted these resurrected copies and do a clean installation of VEP the problem was fixed.