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  • [Vienna Imperial Software] CC121 - All Controller off event is ignored.

    Using Logic Pro X [10.0.4], Vienna Imperial [1.1.732] Project 120bpm, Cmaj, 4/4 Given a simple event list of: 1,1,1, Control, ch: 1, Num: 64, Val:127, Desc: Sustain pedal down 1,1,2, Note, ch:1, Num: D3, Val:80, Length: 1 3,1,1, Control, ch:1, Num: 121, Val:127, Desc: Reset all controllers 4,3,4, Note, ch:1, Num: E3, Val:80, Length: 1 Vienna Imperial ignores the CC121 and keeps this sustain pedal down through out the track. Bug? Regards, Richard.