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  • Loading instances on slaves inhibit master computer


    I run two slave computers with half of the cube on each one,

    both are connected to Master DAW via Ensemble 5 Pro.

    I seem to recall a while back that loading projects in the slaves did not inhibit activity on the Main DAW.

    Now however, the DAW computer is unresponsive until the Ensemble projects are loaded, and as the

    projects are getting bigger, this time is becoming quite long....

    Any observations, anyone???

    Best regards

    Andy O'CAllaghan

  • My master machine will search for a long time to try to (re)connect with it's slaves. If i've left them in sleep mode, for example.

    I'm not an expert, but I believe you need to check the "decouple" pref. on the VEPro plugin on your master maching. It sound to me like your slaves are loading, or reloading, when you open a project on your Master.