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  • Assistance with String pieces..

    Hello I have been writing a number of short hymn style pieces for string quartet and trio using Notion SLE with Miroslav Philharmonik. The sound is fairly good but I am looking to improve on the quality of the sound. I came across the VSL sounds and would like to translate some of the pieces to VSL samples / sounds and wondered if there were any VSL users that could help me with this as I am not in a position to be able to buy the program right now. I would be happy to pay anyone who could help even if just one or two pieces. The pieces are all fairly short, around 2 minutes. Can anyone help? Thanks

  • Hey there,

    Can't say I'm not busy but I do find that working on other music gives me a bit of perspective on my own so I'd be happy to help you out with VSL'ing some of your hymns. I'm in a rather xmasy mood anyways so it's kinda the thing to do right now.

    Contact me and we'll talk further.

  • Hello there, Just found your reply. Thank you for offering to assist me with this..:-) I will email just one short piece tomorrow in Notion format. Initially, I will send just one very simple String Quartet score of my pieces for you to convert and see how that develops.. Let me know how much it will cost to do the piece. I am looking for a very traditional Quartet sound.. Many,many thanks Noahwayne

  • Hey man,

    Sure please email me and we'll discuss your project. I also have Notion so I can probably export the midi from that. I prefer to work in Midi format to create a more realistic performance.

    Talk soon

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