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  • Newbie question: basic logic X and VEP setup with Nexus instrument

    Hello I have tried to learn this myself, but I just cant figure it out and its making my head go around. Im new to digital music editing. I have logic X, nexus 32 bit synth. I want to make a song in logic with 4-5 sounds from nexus. I make 5 separate midi channels in Logic x, connect them each to their own instance in the 32 bit server with each server running nexus with seperate sound. I have to mute the nexus instruments I dont want to use, and record with one instrument at a time. The problem is that when I want to listen and record, I have to play the instruments I need to hear, but not record (I hope this makes sense). I have a feeling that this has something to do with the midi port settings etc. I cant find any newbie guide to this. Anyone has a simple guide? Thanks..

  • nvm, found it: You should make this a part of the manual. Thanks.